When creativity meets performance

NOTO's way

More than an agency, you need the top experts to achieve your goals.

NOTO builds a bespoke team to deliver creative and performance for your projects.

Strategists, thinkers, doers & nitty-gritty analysts, to name a few – will bring their ressource and expertise to the table.


Behind all the fancy words,
what do we really do ?

This is where we define a clear path of success within your market based on data.


Like all journeys, on the path to success there are obstacle to overcome. The audit helps us find and solve them fast


We make your business better than before.

How ?

We gather solid KPI, relevant data, using most impactful marketing tools.

Your website is the window through which anyone can get a peek of who you are.


We believe a website should deliver ROI; when we build redo a website, we only have lead generation and sales in mind.


In today’s fast paste world, speed and intuitiveness are everything.

We optimise website to achieve peak technical performance and high conversion rates.


Web standards constantly evolve. We ensure your web assets are always up to date and preserve their value.

To live and thrive online, you will want to create content, but not just for the sake of it. Posting the right content – that reflects who you are – will attract the right customers and talents to your business.

Build the optimal content calendar

To output regularly great content that will attract your audiences, the content creation process requires meticulous planning and streamlining.

Match consumer interests, trends and seasonalities

We shape your content to position your business as a thought leader and influencer on key audience topics. Stay relevant and impactful throughout the year.

Grow and manage online communities

Interact and engage with all the people who have an affinity for your business and want to see it succeed. Growing and managing a community of stakeholders is key to establish your brand online.

SEO or the art of growing online traffic

We can show you who is looking for what when and where. Most importantly, we can identify key allies and competitors already ranking on the topics of interest for your audience. Based on this data, we can help you rank higher than others and drive free traffic to your website.

Online Advertizing, the shortcut to results

Paid marketing is a powerful tool for conversion. Understanding how much to invest, on which channels and at what time is a skill many talk about, but few truly master as it involve training AI to best the competition.

Achieve top tier return on ad spend and acquire leads and sales at the lowest costs with our proven methodology.


Thriving companies that work with us
NS Partners
Les Elfes International
Legal Expat
Dr. Gondar
Le Botanique
2nd Chance


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